Overactive Bladder Research Study

About Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder is a problem with bladder-storage function that causes a sudden urge to urinate. The urge may be difficult to stop, and overactive bladder may lead to the involuntary loss of urine (incontinence).

Common Symptoms

  • Feel a sudden urge to urinate that’s difficult to control
  • Experience urge incontinence — the involuntary loss of urine immediately following an urgent need to urinate
  • Urinate frequently, usually eight or more times in 24 hours
  • Awaken two or more times in the night to urinate (Nocturia)


Volunteer for Our Trial

We are currently seeking volunteers with Overactive Bladder who are not seeing adequate results from prescribed medications to treat the condition.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Must have an existing diagnosis of Overactive Bladder (OAB)
  • Must have previously tried using medications for OAB, but still experiencing symptoms of Overactive Bladder or experienced limiting side effects

Study Participants Will Receive:

  • All study-related medical care and study medication at no cost
  • Possible compensation for time and travel

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